SureChEMBL Webinar

As many of you know, SureChEMBL is one of our most recent resources, which taps into the wealth of knowledge hidden in the patent documents. More specifically, SureChEMBL extracts and indexes chemistry from the full-text patent corpus (EPO, WIPO and USPTO) by means of automated text- and image-mining, tirelessly, on a daily basis.

If you would like learn more about SureChEMBL, its applications and exciting recent developments and future plans, we'll be giving a free webinar on Wednesday 11 March at 4pm GMT.

Remember this is one of the times of year where daylight savings times may not be in sync, so check what time 4pm GMT is for your local timezone, for example, the time difference to Boston, MA at the moment is only 4 hours compared to the regular 5 hours.

Please send us an email here to register your interest.